Q2 Dual View Video Borescopes

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HD Image with 0 and 90 degree cameras…

The HD Q2 Dual View Video Borescope offers the benefit of 2 Videoscopes for the price of one. With both 0 degree and 90 degree cameras, users can change between a forward view and a side view with the press of a button. The Hawkeye® Q2 Dual View is perfect for engine and weld inspections as well as automotive and aerospace parts.

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Micro Q2 Video Borescopes

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Hi-Resolution under 1mm diameter…

At only .95mm in diameter the Hawkeye® Micro Q2 Video Borescope provides crisp, clear images. The Micro Q2 Video Borescope has 8x better resolution than a fiberoptic borescope while having the ability to capture still images and videos. The Micro Q2 is perfect for inspecting small diameter medical devices, aerospace and automotive parts.

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Q2 HD Video Borescopes

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Lightweight, Portable HD image quality…

The new Hawkeye® Q2 HD Video Borescope has 6X the resolution of its predecessor the V2. With 4 way joystick controlled articulation, a 4 hour battery and interchangeable insertion tubes, the Q2 is  an outstanding value at an economical price. With diameters of 2.8, 3.9, and 6mm there is a Q2 Videoscope for almost every application.

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V3 HD Video Borescopes

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Our Premier HD Video Borescope…

The Hawkeye® V3 Video Borescope features a new Micro HD camera, 5.5″ touchscreen display, servo-driven articulation, WiFi Streaming, Integrated Illumination, Anti-Glare, Center and Edge exposure weighting, and 90 degree and Close Focus tips. Aircraft and turbine engine inspection in particular, are perfectly suited for the V3.

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Rigid Borescopes

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When the entry path is straight…

If you have a straight path, meaning that you do not have to go around any bends, then a rigid borescope is almost always the best choice. Rigids have superior sharpness, durability, and are our most cost-effective scopes. Our rigid borescopes can be connected to a camera, making it a low cost, highly durable video borescope.

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Fiberoptic Borescopes

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When the entry path is curved…

Articulating, flexible fiberoptic borescopes are the best choice when you have a curved path. You can quickly inspect complex castings, such as engine blocks and heads, as well as bent tubes such as fuel rails and hydraulic lines. Hawkeye flexible fiberscopes can also be connected to a camera allowing users to view the image on a screen.

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Video Borescopes

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Hi-Resolution, Full Screen inspections…

Hawkeye® Video Borescopes simply deliver the best image quality of any borescope on the market today! Hawkeye® Video Borescopes range from .9mm to 6mm and lengths up to 7.5 meters. Our innovative technology like the Q2 Dual View Camera or Micro .9mm diameter are paving the way for industrial visual inspection.

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Video Systems

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Video systems designed for you…

Our experienced sales team works with you to create the right combination of borescopes, lighting, and accessories to suit your specific inspection needs! The system may incorporate a video monitor, innovative software or your own laptop/pc. Feel free to contact us about your application to learn more.

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Gradient Lens Corporation is a borescope supplier and manufacturer that provides cost-effective, high-quality borescope equipment, perfect for your next inspection. Our Hawkeye precision borescopes are carefully vetted and made from top-grade materials that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We are the leading borescope supplier and manufacturer in the US, and we offer rigid, flexible, and video-precision borescopes.

Whether you need a cost-effective rigid borescope that’s best for straight path casting or a flexible fiberoptic borescope used by professionals working with curved paths regularly, we can help. Our fully integrated portable video borescope is best used in complex casting and inspection of critical parts found in air crafts, diesel and turbine engines, and more. As the number one borescope supplier and manufacturer, we’re proud that our borescope equipment is made in the US and delivered overnight. To find the right combination of borescopes, lighting, and accessories that suit your specific inspection needs, call (800)-536-0790 today.

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