Aircraft Borescope Applications

Hawkeye® borescopes allow aircraft maintenance technicians to perform inspections in the engine and airframe where it is impossible to see without tearing down the engine. Many of todays aircraft engines are “on-condition” which means they need to be inspected by a borescope at a certain interval of time to determine if the engine needs maintenance or can continue to fly. The quality of videoscopes is one borescope application that cannot by overlooked, like the new Hawkeye® V3 HD Videoscope, provide users with crystal clear, bright HD images and videos allowing them to easily identify the condition of an aircraft engine

Turbine blade inpection with Hawkeye V3 Video Borescope
Hawkeye Video Borescope Turbine Inspection

Turbine blades in a P&W PT6A-34 aircraft engine inspected with a Hawkeye® V3 HD Borescope.

Aircraft engine inspection with Hawkeye Q2 HD Video Borescope
Hawkeye video borescope aircraft inspection

Allison 250 aircraft engine Inspection with a Hawkeye® Q2 HD Videoscope.

Aircraft engine inspection using a Hawkeye V3 HD Video Borescope
Aircraft Engine borescope inspection

Fuel nozzle in a P&W PT6A-34 aircraft engine inspected with a Hawkeye® V3 HD Borescope

Flightline Group inspection aircraft using Hawkeye V3 HD Video Borescope
Hawkeye® V3 HD Video Borescope wirelessly streaming to an iPad.

Tom Pentecost , VP of Maintenance and Flightline Group Inc. in Tallahassee, FL, and mechanic Stephanie Nita, use the borescope applications provided by the Hawkeye® V3 HD Videoscope with WiFi capability to simultaneously view the image on an iPad while inspecting a PT6A-34 engine.

If you have questions about other aircraft borescope applications, please give us a call at 800-536-0790; we look forward to speaking with you.