Metal Casting Borescope Applications

Manufacturers of even the most complex castings for automotive, aviation and other applications now have a fast, affordable way to improve quality control in their visual inspection process with the many borescope applications provided by the Hawkeye Pro Borescopes. We stock over 70 models of rigid, flexible and video borescopes, and accessories, at prices far less than comparable instruments. Hawkeye Pro Borescopes provide borescope applications that include highly detailed images of sand, voids, flash, surface-finish irregularities, and numerous other defects that can seriously affect the quality of a wide range of mission-critical castings like fuel & hydraulic systems, engine blocks, medical equipment, and much more.

Void in casting after machining as seen with a Hawkeye Pro Hardy 7”

Casting inspection with a V3 HD Video Borescope.

Complex casting inspection with a V3 HD Video Borescope.

Featured Video

An engine head casting is inspected with a Hawkeye Pro V2 Video Borescope.

Inspecting Metal Castings with Borescopes

Inspecting metal castings presents one of the most challenging applications for borescopes. The intricate internal passages and rough surfaces of cast materials cause significant wear on video, flexible, and rigid borescopes. Ensuring your borescopes are optimized for industrial casting applications is a crucial factor when using borescopes to inspect metal castings.

High quality precision metal castings require high quality molds. These intricate metal pieces are essential components in complex machines, systems, and components such as engines, turbines, and medical equipment. Rigorous casting inspection, both before and during use, is crucial for maintaining the quality of these systems.

Rigid, flexible, and video borescopes provide the most efficient and effective way to inspect the fine details inside metal castings. Equipped with integrated lighting and controlled articulation, a video borescope can reach the hard-to-reach narrow areas within castings and molds that are otherwise impossible to visualize. Borescopes enable the detection of burrs, voids, surface defects, and foreign object debris (FOD), ensuring thorough inspection of the metal surfaces. They are also invaluable for checking the cleanliness of molds before use, preventing costly mistakes and time failing items in final QC.

Using borescopes ensures casting foundries can discover and remove flawed castings from the production line, saving time and money.


Gradient Lens Corporation manufactures over 80 models of Hawkeye® rigid, flexible, and video borescopes, and a complete system of interchangeable borescope accessories that are perfect for any casting borescope application you might need. The Featured Products below are just three examples Casting Manufacturers find particularly valuable.