Borescope Light

If you need a Hawkeye SuperNOVA™ Portable LED light, made with LED longevity and a more convenient intensity control, we have the products for you. We also offer the newly designed Hawkeye LED borescope light, which comes with an adjustable dimmer control and is guaranteed to deliver a brighter light than the standard Mini Maglite® Flashlight.

When it comes to the powerful illumination of your borescope LED light source, it’s best to use products that omit the brightest and whitest light possible. With years of experience providing quality borescope light products, we’re proud to maintain total customer satisfaction.

From our standard Hawkeye LED lights to the advanced UV and Luxxor ® borescope light sources we offer, Gradient Lens Corporation has you covered. Contact our team to find the perfect contrasts needed for all your industrial baroscopic applications today.

Luxxor® 35 LED Light Source

Luxxor® 35 LED Light Source – 100x longer life!

Never replace lamps again! The new Luxxor 35 LED deliverers all the super-bright intensity and whiteness of its metal halide predessessor, the Luxxor 24, but uses long-life LED technology estimated at 50,000 hrs. of life! (Compared to 500 hrs. for metal halide arc lamps). These new lights also have both coarse and fine intensity adjustment, allowing finely controlled dimming with perfect color rendition.

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Hawkeye SuperNOVA™ LED

Hawkeye SuperNOVA™ LED — Portable and Rechargeable!

The new Hawkeye SuperNOVA LED delivers more light, longer run time, LED longevity, and more convenient intensity control. It is 90% brighter, and runs twice as long as the old Hawkeye SuperNOVA, all in a 25% smaller package. Intensity control is now more convenient and versatile. Charger included.

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Hawkeye® LED Light

Hawkeye® LED Light

This newly designed LED light source now has an adjustable dimmer control, and delivers brighter, whiter light than the Mini Maglite® flashlight. Operates on standard AA batteries.

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Luxxor® Light Guide

Luxxor® Light Guide—Connects to all Luxxor Lightsources & Hawkeye Borescopes

The high quality, 7′ long Luxxor Light Guide can be used with any Hawkeye or Hawkeye Blue borescope and is required for all Luxxor light sources. Light is transmitted through glass fiber optics which are surrounded by a protective stainless steel coil. High light coupling efficiency is assured with its 0.16″ (4mm) diameter active area.

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UV Borescope Liquid Light Guide

Liquid Light Guide Cable—Connects Lumatec UV Light Source to Hawkeye Borescopes

The high quality, 6′ long Liquid Light Guide can be used with any Hawkeye or Hawkeye Blue borescope and the UV Light Sources is used for fluorescence inspection in the aeronautics, aerospace and automotive industries as part of a non-destructive testing (NDT) regiment.

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Luxxor® 50 Light Source

Luxxor® 50 Light Source—The Most Light for the Darkest Places!

The new Luxxor 50-watt metal halide Arc lamp delivers plenty of light even in large, dark areas like diesel engine cavities, fuel tanks, or gas cylinders. It is more than 3-times brighter than a typical 150-watt halogen lamp. A mechanical iris varies light intensity without changing the daylight color. Operates from an AC power source only.

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Mini Maglite® Flashlight

Mini Maglite® Flashlight —Lightweight & Portable!

Standard with every Hawkeye borescope and kit, the Mini Maglite® Flashlight has a stainless steel borescope adapter. Bright enough to illuminate bores and small cylinders, it is extremely light and portable

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UV Borescope Light Source

UV Light Source

This dual UV and white light source delivers the perfect contrasts needed for all industrial borescopic applications. Compact, quiet, very powerful and engineered to achieve excellent results, the UV Light Source is the first choice for FPI (fluorescent penetrant inspection). This instrument’s high-quality filters provide pure UV light without any white so even the smallest inclusions and flaws are clearly visible. Switching from white light to UV and back is very easy using the front-panel button or footswitch. A UV-Lightguide, (sold separately) is required which will easily connect to any Hawkeye® Borescope.

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