Hawkeye Borescope Customer Service

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Not for Medical Use on Humans

Hawkeye® Borescopes are not approved for medical use on humans. They are precision optical instruments, suitable for industrial applications, and some veterinary applications.

30-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Gradient Lens Corporation offers its direct customers a money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, call our customer service department at 1-800-536-0790 or 1-585-235-2620. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued allowing a refund of the original purchase price from GLC (excluding shipping and handling charges), provided that the product is in original condition with all packaging.

Limited Warranty

Gradient Lens Corporation warrants that all Hawkeye® borescopes and accessories manufactured by Gradient Lens Corporation will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of first retail purchase. You may see the entire Hawkeye Borescope Warranty here.

Video, lighting and some accessory products not manufactured by Gradient Lens Corporation come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

For a complete statement of our warranties, please call
1-800-536-0790 or e-mail us at sales@gradientlens.com.

Handling Warranty Claims and Repairs

Whether you have a warranty claim, a repair out-of-warranty, or you don’t really know which, call our customer service department at 1-800-536-0790 or 1-585-235-2620 to talk about it. If necessary, they will issue you an RMA number allowing you to send the product back. Please do not return any product without calling for an RMA number first. You are responsible for shipping and insurance on any returns.

Payment Options

U.S. customers have the following payment options:

Cash (do not send through the mail)

Credit card—we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Personal check—subject to clearance of the check before the product is shipped.

Net 30-day account—business customers may apply for credit accounts with net 30-day payment. No allowance is offered for early payment. An application form must be submitted, including three trade references. Checking references and establishing the account often takes considerable time, so it might be wise to make your first purchase with credit card or bank check.
Customers in countries other than the United States may use credit cards, wire transfers, and international bank drafts written in U.S. dollars. There is a $30 export processing fee for international shipments, except to Canada.


UPS, Federal Express, and DHL.
No shipments are made via US Mail.

Repair Prices

If the problem with a product is the result of accident or mishap—in fact, anything other than defects in parts and manufacturing—repair or replacement is the responsibility of the owner. We will make the process as convenient and trouble-free as possible.

There are two options:

  1. Get an estimate of repair cost or replacement price, with the option of approving the repair or replacement.
  2. Have us proceed with the repair without an estimate.

Hawkeye Pro & Classic Rigids Repairs

Hawkeye Pro & Classic rigid borescope service charges are based on a fixed scale. Repair of these borescopes is usually less than 1 week.

Model & LengthDiameterCatalog #Price
MicroSlim 3".073" (1.85 mm)REP-HMS03$550
MicroSlim 5".073" (1.85 mm)REP-HMS05$650
MicroSlim 7".073" (1.85 mm)REP-HMS07$650
SuperSlim 4".098" (2.40 mm)REP-PSS04$420
SuperSlim 8".098" (2.40 mm)REP-PSS08$440
SuperSlim 10".098" (2.40 mm)REP-PSS10$495
SuperSlim 14".098" (2.40 mm)REP-PSS14$545
SuperSlim 17".098" (2.40 mm)REP-PSS17$595
Slim 7".165" (4.20 mm)REP-PS07$345
Slim 12".165" (4.20 mm)REP-PS12$375
Slim 17".165" (4.20 mm)REP-PS17$395
Slim 22".165" (4.20 mm)REP-PS22$495
Hardy 7".250" (6.35 mm)REP-HH07$345
Hardy 12".250" (6.35 mm)REP-HH12$375
Hardy 17".250" (6.35 mm)REP-HH17$395
Hardy 22".250" (6.35 mm)REP-HH22$495
SuperHardy 28".283" (7.20 mm)REP-PSH28$895
SuperHardy 37".283" (7.20 mm)REP-PSH37$895
Mirror Replacement
(all Hawkeye Mirror Tubes)
Conversion to adjustable focusRETRO$185
Mirror Tip
(Hawkeye Flexible Borescope)

If we cannot repair a Hawkeye Pro or Classic rigid borescope, we will replace it at a 20% discount off the current list price, in return for the broken one.

Hawkeye Blue Rigid scopes require individual factory estimates, which adds to the repairs time.

Hawkeye Flexible & Videoscope Repairs

Repairs of all fiberoptic flexible, and video, borescopes require individual quotations. Please call or email for estimates.

Hawkeye Pro MicroFlex and Pro Flexible borescopes are repairable. However, Hawkeye Classic Flexible borescopes are not repairable.

Hawkeye Blue Flexible scopes require individual factory estimates, which adds to the repair time.

We offer a 10% discount off the list price of a new borescope, if the customer declines the repair offer, or, if the customer’s scope is not repairable.

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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