Hawkeye Rigid Borescope

Our rigid borescope & inspection cameras are cost effective and best suited for the inspection of machine parts, welded tubes, and some simpler castings. Its design works great when you’re dealing with straight paths and don’t need to bend to view angles or curved pathways. Equipped with our proprietary EndoGRINS relay lenses, our rigid borescopes for sale offer superiority in both sharpness and detail. The rigid borescope options are durable and can be attached to a video camera and monitor for viewing and image capture.

With so many options on the market, we understand the importance of choosing the right borescope camera for your inspection purposes. Gradient Lens Corporation has manufactured and designed quality rigid borescope & inspection cameras for over 20 years. Browse our selection of top-notch rigid borescopes for sale below.

Pro Rigid

Slim Rigid Borescopes

Pro Slim™ .165″ (4.20 mm)

The clarity and brightness of Hawkeye® Pro Slim Borescopes bring out all the details in your subject. The Pro Slim offers the best combination of small diameter, length, and bright illumination. Most machined metal parts afford ample access for the Hawkeye Pro Slim Borescope and mirror tube.

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Hardy Rigid Borescopes

Pro Hardy™ .250″ (6.35 mm)

Hawkeye® Pro Hardy Borescopes are rugged and bright. The quarter inch diameter Pro Hardy gives 3x the illumination of the Pro Slim. The Hawkeye Pro Hardy Borescope excels at looking into the larger, dark spaces of diesel and aircraft cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, and even wall cavities.

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SuperSlim Rigid Borescope

Pro SuperSlim™ (2.40mm – 2.80mm)*

At .098 inches in diameter, or .109 inches with a mirror tube, the Hawkeye® Pro SuperSlim Borescopes give sharp, clear views of the microscopic holes in spray tips and nozzles. Use them to inspect small bores for burrs, surface finish irregularities, and more. The 10″ and 14″ lengths increase in diameter.

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MicroSlim Rigid Borescope

Pro MicroSlim™ .073″ (1.85 mm)

Hawkeye® Pro MicroSlim Borescopes are just .073 inches in diameter, or .084 inches with a mirror tube. MicroSlim Rigid Borescopes are typically used to inspect diesel fuel-injection nozzles miniature hydraulic components and much more. The MicroSlim Rigid Borescopes focusing allows users to focus in small channels.

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Prism Rigid Borescopes

Pro Slim Prism Rigid Borescope

Hawkeye® Pro Slim Prism Borescopes have a dedicated prism for a fixed direction of view of either 30 or 70 degrees. The Slim Prism Borescopes are ideal for industrial environments such as foundries and machine shops; as the dedicated prism repels dirt and debris, providing the user with an unobstructed view.

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MicroFlex Semi-Rigid Borescopes

Semi-Rigid .035″ (0.9 mm)

The Nitinol-sheathed Hawkeye® MicroFlex Semi-Rigid Borescopes contain 10,000 fiber imaging bundles, are 6 inches long, and offer 0º and 90º views. The Semi-Rigid Borescopes offer a unique alternative to the traditional rigid borescopes, because they use fiber to transmit the image allowing us to offer them in much smaller diameters. 

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