Under 2mm Diameter

Hawkeye® Q2 Micro Video Borescopes (.95, 1.2, 1.6 and 1.8mm)

Hawkeye® Q2 Micro Video Borescopes: Under 1mm OD

We are happy to introduce the Hawkeye® Q2 Micro Video Borescopes. Customers inspecting small parts have been waiting decades for a high resolution video borescope solution. The Micro Q2 Video Borescopes innovative technology finally allows users inspecting small parts to use video borescope technology. The full screen high resolution image is 8x the resolution of the 1mm MicroFlex fiberscope, with a more compact and portable design. The Micro Q2 is offered in diameters as small as .95mm and lengths up to 3 meters long. The Micro Q2 incorporates a tight bend radius, 4-hour integrated battery, interchangeable insertion tubes, and integrated LED. The Micro Q2 starts at only $8,495. Schedule your free demo today!

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Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Flexible Borescopes 0.5 – 1.5mm dia. (.020 – .059″)

Pro MicroFlex Flexible .020 – .059″ dia. (0.5 – 1.5mm dia.)

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Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Semi-Rigid Borescopes .035″(0.9 mm) and .059″ (1.5mm)

Semi-Rigid .035″ (0.9 mm)

The Nitinol-sheathed Hawkeye® MicroFlex Semi-Rigid Borescopes contain 10,000 fiber imaging bundles, are 6 inches long, and offer 0º and 90º views.

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Hawkeye® Pro MicroSlim Borescope .073″ (1.85 mm)

Pro MicroSlim™ .073″ (1.85 mm)

Hawkeye® Pro MicroSlim Borescopes are just .073 inches in diameter, or .084 inches with a mirror tube. Use them to inspect diesel fuel-injection nozzles miniature hydraulic components and much more.

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