Hawkeye Video Borescopes

Our fully integrated and portable Hawkeye video borescope systems are the best choice when it comes to a reliable, mission critical inspection that uses complex casting and intricate pathways. These flexible video borescopes are best used in things like aircraft and turbine engine service and maintenance. Our top-rated Hawkeye video borescope inspection camera makes the inspection of fuel injectors, hydraulic valves, and rifle barrels that much easier. Casting manufacturers rely on our flexible video borescopes to inspect for voids, sand flash, and other defects inside. The large LCD monitor and miniature camera mounted directly on the tip offers an enhanced performance that leaves little to be desired. Shop our popular video borescope inspection cameras below.

V3 HD Video Borescopes

Hawkeye® V3 HD Video Borescopes

Hawkeye® V3 HD Video Borescopes simply deliver the best image quality of any borescope on the market today! The V3 HD features a new Micro HD video camera, (6X better resolution than the V2), 4-way articulation, HD daylight readable color touchscreen display, integrated adjustable LED illumination and WI-FI Connection. The V3 Deluxe Kit also includes the 90 degree tip, Close Focus Tip, Neck Strap, Tripod and extra battery.

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