About Gradient Lens Corporation

Gradient Lens Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells over 80 models of Hawkeye® Precision Borescopes. We have been making optically precise, professional borescopes for more than 20 years. We maintain the broadest product line in the remote visual inspection industry. That allows us to advise you on the right Rigid, Fiberoptic, or Video borescope for your specific inspection need.

The expertise we developed in designing rigid borescopes using traditional glass optics, evolved to manufacturing articulating, flexible, fiberoptic scopes, and now, video borescopes. We manufacture the fully portable Hawkeye V-Series Video Borescopes (https://www.hawkeyeborescopes.com/product/hawkeye-v2-video-borescopes/). Hawkeye Videoscopes deliver the same image quality, image and video capture, portability, and articulation of scopes costing three times as much.

We also design and manufacture Luxxor Video Systems video systems, for stationary bench-top use. (https://www.hawkeyeborescopes.com/product/luxxor-video-systems/). Using ANY Hawkeye borescope, a Luxxor Video System can be connected to large video monitors, and desktop or laptop computers. This allows users to display, store, document, and send, borescopic inspection images, and inspection video, via email, or upload to the Internet!

Hawkeye Borescopes are currently in use in all of the following world market categories: Metal Machining, Casting, Welding, Aircraft Maintenance, Power-Gen Maintenance, Fuel Systems, Hydraulics and more.

Exceptional value and versatility are the hallmarks of Hawkeye Borescopes and Luxxor Lighting and Video products. Today, leading edge companies are using Hawkeyes to improve their products and quality, streamline their processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

At Gradient Lens Corporation, we remain committed to our core values:

  • High Quality Optics, Materials & Construction . . .
  • Prices 1/3 – ½ that of Comparable Instruments . . .
  • Fast Delivery . . .
  • Quick Turnaround on Repairs.

You have my promise we will all do our best to consistently fulfill those commitments. Hawkeye Borescopes are proudly made in the USA in Rochester, New York, the World’s Image Center®, and in Phelan, California.

Dr. Douglas S. Kindred
President and Chief Scientist

Dr. Doug Kindred