Borescopes for Automotive

Hawkeye® Rigid, Flexible, and Video Borescopes are extensively used throughout the automotive industry. Starting with raw component suppliers, including metal castings, machined parts, and tubing, borescopes play a crucial role. They are also used in the inspection of assembled components, such as engine assemblies, fuel systems, and suspension systems. Once in the field, many of these components require routine visual inspections with a borescope to ensure they remain safe and operational, such as in engine inspections or exhaust system checks.

In the automotive manufacturing industry, borescopes are essential tools for quality control and maintenance. These devices are used to inspect the internal surfaces and components of various parts, including engines, transmissions, and exhaust systems, without requiring disassembly. Borescopes allow engineers to examine the interior of castings, machined parts, and welded joints, ensuring that there are no defects or irregularities that could compromise the performance or safety of the vehicle. During assembly, borescopes are utilized to verify the proper installation of components, such as verifying the integrity of fuel systems and inspecting complex wiring harnesses. This non-destructive inspection process not only helps in maintaining high standards of quality but also reduces downtime and costs associated with extensive tear-downs and repairs.

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