Metal Casting Inspection

Borescopes are essential tools for inspecting metal castings, allowing professionals to thoroughly examine internal cavities and surfaces without full disassembly. These advanced inspection devices are inserted through small openings or inspection ports, enabling visual assessments of the cast metal components. By capturing high-resolution images and videos, borescopes help inspectors detect defects such as cracks, porosity, inclusions, and other irregularities that could affect the integrity and performance of the casting.


During the inspection and quality control process, borescopes play a critical role in identifying early signs of potential defects. Inspectors use them to examine crucial areas deep within the casting to evaluate their condition and ensure that they meet industry standards. This proactive approach helps prevent costly failures and rework by addressing issues before they escalate. Additionally, borescopes verify the effectiveness of repairs and ensure the correct reassembly and alignment of components, promoting optimal performance and durability of the metal castings.

Casting inspection using a V3 4mm HD Video Borescope.

Casting inspection with a Q2 3.9mm HD Video Borescope.

Casting inspection with a V3 HD Video Borescope.

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