How Can a Rigid Borescope Save You Money?

How Can a Rigid Borescope Save You Money?

August 31, 2021

Maintaining and inspecting your heavy machinery is a critical aspect of keeping your facility efficient and cost-effective. The use of tools such as the borescope plays an enormous role in making that happen. We know you’re probably wondering, “How can a rigid borescope save you money?” Let us shed some light on the answer to that question with this quick guide.

Eliminates the Need for Equipment Disassembly

Borescopes save manufacturers a lot of money simply by eliminating the need to disassemble complex machinery to perform routine maintenance. Heavy equipment needs inspection for even minor issues. So, if borescopes weren’t available, inspectors would have to take these behemoth machines apart piece by piece before the real work could even begin. Obviously, this would result in a far less thorough, time-consuming process that would end up costing manufacturers a fortune.

Luckily, rigid borescopes allow inspectors easy access to even the most remote areas of machinery, relaying crisp, high-resolution images so inspectors can identify and assess issues. Doing this kind of work without disassembly helps manufacturers stay within their tight budgets and ensure that work is prompt.

Improves Maintenance Efficiency in Major Inspections

Because major inspections of heavy machinery such as gas turbines and jet planes typically happen once every decade, having clear records of past reviews is crucial to machinery maintenance and cost-efficiency. Inspectors can use these records as a basis for decisions regarding equipment repair. These recorded images and videos are also helpful in determining which areas need examination first and what inspectors can expect to find in those areas.

Using borescopes to record past inspections and perform current ones save manufacturers money by removing time-consuming guesswork from the maintenance process. In the long run, this makes facilities more cost-effective. Additionally, most rigid borescopes for sale are durable against high temperatures, and they last much longer than other equipment. This also helps facilities save money on prematurely investing in new equipment. 

Reduces the Need for Costly Machinery Replacement

At this point, it’s evident that the answer to the question “How can a rigid borescope save you money?” is this: they make the maintenance and inspection of heavy machinery more efficient. So, it should come as no surprise that this piece of revolutionary equipment also saves facilities money by reducing the need for complete machine replacement.

Most trades that use heavy equipment want to avoid machine replacement as long as possible— costs can start at a whopping six figures. However, when small maintenance jobs and repairs are insufficient, machines can take on extra wear, leading to premature breakdown or total failure. Because borescopes can do equipment examinations quickly and thoroughly, it’s much easier to pinpoint issues and have them repaired so the machines stay intact for longer. This ultimately helps facilities avoid the extravagant price tags that come along with replacing machines.

Borescopes should be an essential tool in your toolbox if you hope to keep things running smooth, cost-effective way. Hopefully, our overview gives you a better understanding of how this amazing tool can help you save money!