The Benefits of Articulation in Video Borescopes

The Benefits of Articulation in Video Borescopes

July 22, 2021

Over the last few years, video borescopes have quickly evolved with enhanced capabilities and special features designed to make inspections simpler and more thorough. As a product of this evolution, articulating videoscopes amass unique features that make them particularly beneficial.

Enables Access To Remote Areas

One of the benefits of articulation in video borescopes is their unique ability to access the most remote areas of an object that would be virtually impossible to reach otherwise. While most borescopes have similar capabilities, videoscopes are unique because their camera heads can be significantly smaller than the standard heads you’d see on their counterparts.

Because the industries that use borescopes for inspection often deal with objects with a minuscule access point that opens to a larger cavity, having an articulating video borescope with a smaller camera head is beneficial to successful inspections.  

Ensures More Thorough Inspections of Internal Surface Areas 

Articulating videoscopes are also known for their enhanced flexibility, which makes them easier to control. For example, the rod on a videoscope is multi-jointed, meaning it can point in various directions, rather than only a few. This feature is probably one of the primary advantages of articulation in video scopes. In addition, it allows inspectors to examine an object’s entire internal surface area, ensuring that their findings are as thorough and accurate as possible.

Allows Inspectors To Track and Record Inspections Easily

Along with their multi-jointed rods and smaller camera heads, articulating videoscopes also tend to have a more versatile range of special features. Particularly effective for users are the Wi-Fi and wireless capabilities that some video borescopes offer. This feature is especially appealing to inspectors and industry professionals because it allows them to keep an updated, video and image-based record of all their inspections. When inspectors have a strong point of reference for all the work they’ve done, they can use it to do their jobs more efficiently.

The benefits of articulation in video borescopes are various and far-reaching. So, learning about how these fantastic tools have revolutionized numerous industries can help you understand how such a tool might be useful in your line of work.