What Is a Videoscope and What Is It Used For?

March 1, 2021

Since its debut in the 1960s, the borescope has come a long way. Nowadays there are three distinct types commonly found on the market: rigid, flexible, and video borescopes. Immediately they may seem similar which prompts people too often as us, “What is a videoscope and what is it used for?” Anyone familiar with a rigid or flexible borescope will be surprised by the answer and how different videoscopes are from their kin.

What Makes a Videoscope Special?

Despite being a member of the borescope family, the videoscope is unique from the rigid and flexible types. It features a minuscule camera at the tip of a flexible cord. Rather than use an array of fiberoptics like its handheld cousin, videoscopes use a more advanced internally wired series of focusable lenses. Objects detected by the outermost lens are relayed back to an external LCD screen, such as a PC monitor. The result is significantly crisper images than either the rigid or flexible borescope can produce.

Features of a Videoscope

Besides its amazing lens array, videoscopes are quite different in a few ways. Both the rigid and flexible borescope often are found in all-in-one handheld units with a few requiring external components. A videoscope is a more precise instrument and doesn’t often comes in single-piece units. However, we do carry portable options as well. Typically, the required components of a videoscope include the lens array wire, an external illuminating source, and an external viewing screen.

The video borescope inspection camera further differentiates itself by having articulating abilities within sections of the lens wire. Most commonly, the tip of the wire can be adjusted in a circular range. This allows for an even more detailed inspection of impossible to access areas. Rather than simply directing a wire into spaces and hoping it gets a clear view, simply turn the camera to look around an area it’s inserted into.

Practical Uses for Videoscopes

Truly understanding what is a videoscope and what is it used for comes down to its real-life applications. A videoscope can be used in a variety of ways and many industries. It’s just as applicable as its rigid and flexible counterparts. Every day, videoscopes are being used to investigate heavy and complex machinery. This includes usage in industries such as aviation, turbine maintenance, automobile manufacturing, and maintenance, as well as virtually any job that involves an enclosed or inaccessible space.

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