Essential Borescope Care and Maintenance

Essential Borescope Care and Maintenance

June 30, 2021

In the hands of a trained professional, a borescope is a valuable and efficient tool. Like any piece of technology, though, they do require a degree of care and some upkeep. Failing to do so often results in unnecessary wear or even reduced image quality. Fortunately, the essential borescope care and maintenance tasks are hardly arduous, and completing them ensures the longevity and quality of your device.

Handle With Care

Needless to say, a borescope is a delicate piece of scientific equipment. Many are sturdy and built for less-than-ideal conditions, but that doesn’t make them indestructible. When changing components, remember to move slowly and avoid using force. Treat the device with care, as you would with any tool. Finally, avoid water contact on any element not specified as water-resistant. Though the feed of some devices may resist moisture, the rest of the unit is not designed to be submerged in liquid.

Protect the Battery Life

Handheld units especially require a reasonable amount of consideration when it comes to battery care. As with any device with a rechargeable battery, there is a certain lifespan to be expected. To keep from needing a replacement too soon, handle the device with care. Avoid using the wrong voltage charger to begin with. Never leave the battery on the charger for longer than is needed to top it off again. Lastly, it’s best to use a battery until it’s on low power before recharging. Batteries should not be charged repeatedly at half or mostly full charge to avoid degrading the usage time.

Create a Cleaning Routine

Another essential borescope care and maintenance task is to build a regular cleaning routine. As noted, they will not always be used in a clean lab. Even so, dust and grime can and will occur. For instance, a video borescope inspection camera consists of many small and delicate components in addition to external monitoring software and hardware. Like any device or camera, specks of dust on the lens or sensors will compromise the final image, if not entirely interfere. Creating a habit of cleaning the machine will ensure minimal errors due to factors like dirt and dust.

Replace Parts as Needed

Finally, remember that the device is made up of many components. Most elements are intended to be removed and changed out to meet the needs of different inspection tasks. Most importantly, the lenses are changeable along with the feed element. In the case of rigid borescopes, a bend in the probe can happen accidentally or as a result of improper handling. A scratch or broken lens also occasionally occurs, as with any camera. These parts and more are easily purchased and swapped out according to the specifications of a given model.