Hawkeye® Blue Flexible Borescopes (2.5 – 4mm dia)

Blue Flexible (2.5 – 4.0 mm dia)

Hawkeye® Blue Flexible Borescopes incorporate hi-resolution, medical grade, acid-leached imaging bundles, delivering truly excellent image resolution, sharpness, detail, and contrast.

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Hawkeye® Blue Flexible Borescopes (2.5 – 4mm dia)

Diameter Length Articulation DOV FOV Pixels Sheath Model# Price  
0.098" (2.5 mm) 27.5" ( 700 mm) 2-way 60° 7,000 Tungsten HBF 025 0700 60 $8,995 Buy Now
0.098" (2.5 mm) 47.2" (1200 mm) 2-way 60° 7,000 Tungsten HBF 025 1200 60 $10,995 Buy Now
0.158" (4.0 mm) 59.1" (1500 mm) 2-way 90° 18,000 Tungsten HBF 040 1500 90 $9,995 Buy Now

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2-way Articulation
Hawkeye® Blue Flexible borescopes, in diameters from 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm, are 2-way articulating. Control the direction-of-view of the tip over a 300° range (±150°), in a single plane, using a thumb-lever on the aluminum borescope body. Lock the lever to hold a particular view. The field-of-view is 45°, except for the 4 mm, which covers a wide 90° field. The viewable image is large and clear.

Choose the diameter and length you need. Larger diameters have more optical glass imaging fibers, giving higher resolution, and thus sharper, more detailed images.

Use the Hawkeye Blue Flexible borescope to inspect complex castings like engine blocks, turbochargers, tubes, pipes, and turbine engines.

Hawkeye® Blue Flexible Specifications

Direction-of-View Fixed Direct, Fixed Side, or Direct with Side View Tip Adapter.
Field-of-View Fixed Direct View Models 45°, 60° or 90°, Fixed Side View Models 45°, Interchangeable Tip Models 45°.
Depth of Field 2.5 mm diameter models 3 mm (.118) to infinity, 3.3/4 mm diameter models 5mm (.2in) to infinity, 5/6/8 mm diameter models 8 mm (.315) to infinity.
Distal Focus Fixed focus lens set.
Tube Diameter Refer to Model Number (2.5,3.3, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, or 8.4 mm)
Working Length Refer to Model Number
Insertion Tube Bend Radius 2.5-6 mm diameter models 1.25in, 8mm diameter models 1.5 in, 13.6 mm diameter models 2.0 in.
Articulation 2.5 mm diameter models 150° Up/Down, 4.0 - 6.0 mm diameter models 150° Up/Down, 8.0 mm + diameter models 120° Up/Down; 120° Right/Left.
Tube Construction Stainless Steel monocoil inside watertight PVC, covered with tungsten braid.
Operating Temperature 0° to 170° F (-18° to 77° C).
Watertight Insertion Tube Up to 1 atm/1 bar (14.7psig); approx. 30ft water depth.
Note The handpiece is splash proof only. Fluid resistance (insertion tube) Water, 5% salt water. Selected scopes are resistant to aviation fuel, gasoline, machine oil hydraulic fluids. Contact your Sales Representative for more information.

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