Gradient Lens Corporation Launches New & Improved Website!

April 17, 2019

We are very happy to announce the launch of the new and improved featuring our extensive line of Hawkeye Precision Borescopes.

We launched our first Website in 1999. Since the beginning, our goals haven’t changed. We strive to be the world’s number one manufacturer of borescopes by offering the best combination of quality, value, off-the-shelf delivery, fast service, and product diversity. Hawkeye Borescopes have proven invaluable a wide variety of applications and industries. For that reason, we believe our new website is now the leading resource for borescopes and accessories, but also information & education about borescopic visual inspection.

We offer a wide variety of borescopes, including rigid scopes, flexible fiberoptic scopes, and portable videoscopes, as well as video and lighting accessories. With so many options, choosing the right scope can be tricky, so we have created a new Video to help you choose just the right scope for your application.

This new site contains more video footage of borescopic inspections than ever before, so you can see exactly how the scopes perform.  The Applications pages contain more information, and real-life situations, on how to use borescopes in a variety of manufacturing and service & maintenance situations.  The individual Products pages offer detailed specifications, prices, and photos of the products, as well as several through-the-scope images and videos taken with that particular borescope inside parts, so you can see exactly how the scopes perform.

The website is now mobile device compatible, offers an online chat function so you can chat with an experienced sales representative, and has a new e-commerce component that allows online purchasing.

So, please browse through our new site and call one of our experienced account representatives to discuss your specific visual inspection need.

Dr. Doug Kindred
President and Chief Scientist