Luxxor® LXC HD Camera

March 17, 2021

Gradient Lens is proud to introduce the brand new Luxxor® LXC HD CCD Camera. The LXC is a 1/2.9” HD 1.4 MP Camera with an IMX6 image processor that delivers crisp, clear video and still images. The LXC camera can be used with any of our Hawkeye Rigid or Flexible Borescopes, as well as most competitor’s borescopes.

The LXC HD Camera comes with both HDMI and USB video out, that enable borescope users to view their image on a HD TV monitor, or on a desktop or laptop computer. Easy to use capture software is built into the LXC camera so both still images and videos can be captured, stored, and emailed to colleagues and customers.

The LXC HD camera can be purchased as a replacement camera, or as part of the Luxxor Video System. The Luxxor® Video System includes the LXC HD camera with integrated capture software, the VC-25 C-Mount video coupler, and an integrated LED light source. The integrated LED light source is ideal for gun barrels, metal machined parts, etc. For applications such as engines, tanks, or aircraft cylinders that require more light, we recommend our Luxxor 35 LED light source and Luxxor® light guide.

All of the specifications for the new LXC camera can be found on our website at If you are interested in adding the Luxxor Video System featuring the new LXC HD camera to your existing borescope, please contact our sales team at 800-536-0790 or for more information.