MicroFlex Borescopes

August 31, 2020

One of the most common questions we are asked when exhibiting at Trade Shows is “what is the smallest borescope you carry?”. People are amazed when we tell them our Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Borescopes come in diameters as small as .5mm (.020”).  Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Borescopes are a vital inspection tool for many companies. Customers use them to inspect cooling holes inside turbine engines, cannulas, catheters, needles, valves in medical devices and other micro manufactured parts.

Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Borescopes are your best choice when you need a flexible borescope that is less than 2mm. The MicroFlex Borescopes come in diameters of 1.5mm, .9mm and .5mm allowing the user to access even the smallest areas while providing excellent image quality. The 1.5mm has a 30,000 fiber bundle making it our highest resolution flexible scope under 2mm. When choosing a borescope it is wise to choose the largest diameter scope your bore can accommodate, as the resolution of a borescope increases with the diameter as well as it’s durability. Hawkeye® MicroFlex Borescopes have a 9” bend radius which enables them to negotiate sweeping turns when the path is not straight.

MicroFlex users have the option of viewing the image through the eyepiece of the borescope or they can connect to our Luxxor® Video System and view the image on a tv or computer monitor. Utilizing our Video Toolbox software, users can also take photos and videos of their inspections, which can then be used in reports or sent to their own customers.

All of our MicroFlex models along with their pricing can be found on our website here.

Our Luxxor® Video System which can be connected to any of our MicroFlex Borescopes can be found on our website here.

Please contact our sales team at 800-536-0790  or sales@gradientlens.com with any questions you may have about which Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex would be best for you application.