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June 17, 2024

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Hawkeye Video Borescopes for Welding

Precision welding customers demand hi-resolution to verify the quality of the welds which are often incorporated into crucial components in the aerospace, automotive and power generation markets. Our Variety of Hawkeye Video Borescopes gives our welding customers the right scope for their application

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Send us your parts and verify

Send us your parts and we will consult with you on what you are hoping to achieve with our Hawkeye Borescopes. We will send you images from your part(s) so you can be confident in what to expect when you purchase a Hawkeye Borescope.

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Video Spotlight

The Hawkeye Q2 Video Borescope offers users the unique ability to interchange insertion tubes allowing customers to have one host with a variety of length and diameter probes. This also saves time and money on repairs when a new insertion tube is needed, instead of waiting on a timely repair customers can order a new replacement probe and swap it our themselves.

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Hawkeye® Borescopes In The Field

Baseload Power – Texas

Baseload brought in a crew of nine workers to conduct a major inspection overhaul of the Calpeak generator. The facility supplies power to the San Diego area, especially during hours of peak usage.

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