The Different Industries That Utilize Borescopes

February 15, 2021

One of the most fascinating tools used today is the borescope—a tiny camera and light that can be viewed remotely and has many practical applications. Many essential industries would agree, and various industries make use of different kinds of borescopes. The most common among the different industries that utilize borescopes are aviation, HVAC, mechanics, and construction.

Aviation Maintenance

One of the most common industries that demand borescopes is aviation. Considering the size and complexity of the machines that both power and maintain planes, this should not be a surprise. Even giant engines utilize are tiny parts, including tubes, gears, and valves. These parts are all crammed into a large metal housing, but there is rarely much room left inside.

As such, borescope equipment is very useful for frequently poking around in these engines and turbines and watching for errors. Aviation is a very delicate and precise study, and it’s essential to be able to oversee every inch of the components and visually check everything.

HVAC Inspection

As with aviation, HVAC machinery can be just as big and complex. The upkeep of these machines is essential to keep people safe and comfortable. HVAC machines can be as small as the ones found in homes or virtually as large as a home itself, occupying an entire floor or two in large complexes and apartments.

Aside from this, investigating the condition of wiring and vents is key to this industry. Vents can become clogged and coated, but they are often too small or dangerous to investigate with a person or detached camera. Inserting a borescope is an easy way to navigate components and vents without the risk of harm or losing a camera.

Automobile Engine Investigation

As with aviation, any variety of engines and machinery can make great use of borescopes. Although the engines and parts are much smaller and often simpler than that of a plane, vehicle engines are still quite complex. Completely ripping out and disassembling an engine “just in case” does not make a lot of sense. Instead, mechanics can use these flexible cameras to look through every engine component and inspect under and between the parts that are hard to access. Borescopes are commonly used in the diagnostic stage of vehicle maintenance.

Building Upkeep

Among the different industries that commonly use borescopes are construction and upkeep business. Things happen to buildings as they age. Weather seals break, letting critters and moisture in, which causes damage slowly and secretively. Often, by the time anyone notices a problem in a building, the issue has spread throughout the building, despite showing only a few warning signs.

This is because issues manifest within the walls, and it takes a long time for the inner façade—wood, wallpaper, drywall, and such—to decay enough to signal a need for help. Maintenance teams use borescopes to get inside the walls and pinpoint vermin and mold problems at the source.